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thomson/ technicolor/ speedtouch modem upgrader program and instructions

upgrade software tool   <--- 1st - this upgrader program is required to flash firmware to modem, works with all models -

upgrading instructions   <--- 2nd - get upgrader program and .bin file first, then follow these instructions carefully -

modem software .bin/.bli files, manuals, guides, and other pdf's

* how to make a windows ppoe 'shim' for bridged modem use

* thomson 516v6 --> version 7.432

* thomson 546v6 --> version 7.208

* thomson TG585v7 --> version 7.824

* thomson TG585v8 --> version 8.27A

* thomson TG585v6/v7 --> wireless extender programming instructions

* thomson 780wl --> version 6.2T2

* thomson TG784 --> version

* thomson TG582 --> version 10.2.0.B

* thomson TG784 VOIP setup guide

* thomson TG784 WAN setup guide

* thomson TG784n setup guide

* thomson TG784n modified user.ini for north american dial tone

* thomson modems IP-V6 white paper

* thomson 516v6 CLI reference guide

* thomson modems 6.2x ip forwarding setup guide

* thomson modems multiple public ip's setup guide

* thomson 780WL setup guide

* thomson 780WL CLI setup guide

* thomson TG582n CLI reference guide

* thomson firmware 8.4.x VOIP reference guide

* zyxel P660R-F1 manual

* zyxel P660R-F1 ppoe routed setup example

* zyxel P660R-F1 bridge setup example

* zyxel VSG1432 manual

* zyxel VSG1432 quickstart guide

* zyxel VSG1432 ppoe adsl set up example

* zyxel VSG1432 ppoe vdsl set up example

* thomson dcm475 docsis3.0 cable modem manual

* thomson dcm476 docsis3.0 cable modem manual

* smartRg modems manual - all models

Note: acme telephone co. does not support, instruct, or endorse in any way - shape - or form, the use of the upgrader program supplied. The use of this software is at your own risk!