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* the default modem i.p. is and DHCP is set to ON. make sure your network adapter is also set to dhcp! the modem is NOT configured out of box and MUST be set up before using. the modem setup wizard is ON the modem and the cd is NOT required. just plug modem in and launch your browser. the set up will automatically follow. you need to setup the modem either in bridge or routed mode. if you are experiencing surfing issues after completing the setup, go back and verify EACH setting in the modem and your netowrk adapter. out of box failures are extremely rare!

* the default username is 'Administrator' and there is no password (ie; press enter). if you change ANY information and forget it, you will have to factory default the modem and start the setup from the beginning. all settings WILL be lost.

* to factory default the modem, press and hold the reset button at the back of the modem (carefully!) while the power is ON until you see the lights flash.

* the default vci/ vpi setting is 0.33 for the Telus network, and 0.35 for the Bell network. this setting is CRITICAL for the modem to work properly. users outside north america should consult their isps'for this setting.

* when encountering connection or set up issues --> don't panic - look at the modem status log or broadband information tab in the modem. it will tell you exactly what the problem is, either no dsl sync, or authentication error, or whatever. the modem will tell you what is wrong.

note: acme telephone co. does not support, instruct, or endorse in any way - shape - or form, the use of the upgrader program supplied. The use of this software is at your own risk!